I am watching you ;)

“In Life, anyone can accept and appreciate your positive qualities but the people who accepts you with your negative qualities and helps you to turn them into positive, they are your friends.” – Reema Debnath

The moment we learn to step outside of our home and make friends, this is what we should keep in our mind that who could be my friends on this earth. You are mixed with your perfection and imperfection. It’s easy for anyone to accept you with your perfection and your positive side but these people may run away the moment they will hit by your imperfection or the negative side of your personality. So, you need to make those people as your friends who won’t run away at that point of time when you are not perfect, when you are doing mistakes, when you actually need someone to guide you, to help you to make your imperfection into perfection or to turn your negative into your positive side. These friends would be your life time friends and you will find them beside you in your sweet and sour days. 


Valentine’s Day tip ;)

Have you ever experienced that crazy, full of madness kind of equation with someone? Where you both want to eat up each other and still feel less. And, where you just want to die for each other and yet feel not enough. Hmmm… Mr. & Mrs. Smith kind of equation, I am sure now you know what I am talking about. It’s called madness and I call it love. 

Love is crazy and trust me when you would feel it real, you wouldn’t realize how the person looks or what the person has. When a girl is looking out for security in terms of money from a guy and a guy is looking out for a good body both are not wrong. It’s called balancing the attraction. But, don’t try to discover your love in it. 

If you want love then forget the money and body factor. Whooops… I know it’s tough or may be not possible at all. “Happy Valentine’s Day” 😉

Mumbai local trains: In Mumbai the best and quickest mode of public transport is Mumbai local train. If you are travelling by a train, you will find 100s of stories everyday travelling with you. College girls chit chatting and pulling each other’s leg, talking about their boyfriends and crushes, making fun of some teacher or discussing last year’s family trip or discussing their difficult subject. Office goers talk less, most of time you will see them with ear plugs, sometimes discussing politics, sometimes their recipes or someone is keeping herself busy in reading and trying to keep themselves private, sometimes discussing their household staff and sometimes their office issues etc. You will also see the topic of discussion changes at times according to the train time table. Many people chooses to travel by early morning trains, they prefer to take a short nap while they are travelling by train. Also, people who take almost the last train back home, you will find them mostly quiet after a long tiring day.

Quiet! Not really quiet. People in this huge city can’t remain quiet for long but sometimes they prefer to look outside the window and observe or sometime just looking at the person sitting opposite and guessing where the person must be going or what that person might be doing or all different kind of questions around that unknown train buddy.

I am sure many relations were made and many got broke in Mumbai local trains. Here, sometimes you will see people don’t care and when it’s rush they push each other and jump into or out of the train but at the same time if they feel you are new and you need help, those same people will help you to find your way to your destination. Here, if you are new you might find things crazy but trust me these crazy things might become your best friends in Mumbai. You will get to know the core soul of Mumbai public by travelling in Mumbai local trains.

Our Reel life kids…

Tulip is a 5 years old kid, quite famous at this age.

Assistant Director: Tulip, this is your scene. You are sitting with your mother at the kitchen and asking her to make egg sandwich for you.

Tulip: Ok

Assistant Director: And your name is Ana here.

Tulip: Ok

Assistant Director: And you are the fashion queen at your class with lots of attitude in you.

Tulip: OK

After little silence…

Tulip: So, who is my mother this time?

Assistant Director: Actor Rose is your mother in here.

Tulip: Ah! She is beautiful. Thank god! Previous film you asked me to call someone as mother and she was an ugly lady. I didn’t like her.

Assistant Director: But you just had to act, she wasn’t your real mother.

Tulip: So what? I always want good looking mother even when I am acting.


The most difficult situation in life is giving somebody the benefit of the doubt, the situation where we have to choose whether to feel positive or feel negative about a person, when you have the possibility of choosing either. It’s like the situation wherein we gamble with our luck. Luck! We don’t know the physical or non-physical existence of it. Some of us just believe there is something called luck which must favor you to succeed in anything. But, what about them who never believed in luck, who never got the benefit of luck, who never realized the existence of luck and because of that who never gambled in life?

A person who has been always believed in his or her own steps rather than believing in luck, for him or her it is very tough to give the benefit of the doubt to somebody and think positive about him or her. For them giving the benefit of the doubt to somebody and think positive about the other person is as equal as believing in luck and gambling with their own life. Specially, if the same person have already experienced tricks made by others in past.

Now, does that mean you will never believe on someone at some point? No! We can’t stop living. Right? You got to believe. Life is always unpredictable and one often comes to this kind of situation where in they have to choose. And, for them the best way they choose is a decent planning where nobody loose, a planning which is always needed to avoid mess for tomorrow. You will see when you plan, the untruthful people will automatically go away from your path. Sometimes, a planning might even hurt the feeling of one if he or she is truthful but still it is better to feel today’s hurtful truth rather tomorrow one regrets for not planning it yesterday.  

You must give your benefit of doubt to somebody and you must choose the positive thought but plan it today so that nobody regrets tomorrow. It is important that we do not hurt anyone but at the same time it is equally important not to hurt ourselves either. Be blessed!


Whtsup dude ;)

whatsupWhat is whtsup? Some people write it as wassssup… and some as whtsup… and so on… and they create an image in front of me like this skteched character. Everytime I receive a message saying whtsup, i keep thinking, what is he trying to ask me. Is it, how am I or What am I doing or something more weird. As if the person has no time to write the whole sentence but writing it as a formality or just for the hack of passing his or her time. Or, it sounds like whtsup dude? What??? Am I a dude or that other person thinks himself or herself a dude? It’s like either they try to prove them-self a dude. A dude! Are you a dude? Hey dude… uffff… whtsup! 😉

Fall in Seattle

When we think of nature, we think of Green. When I landed in Seattle and experienced fall season, I was speechless for a long time. Here, nature was not only Green, it also had different shades of red, orange, yellow, white in it. I remember telling my friends, Can I pack one tree and take it to India? They laughed at me…

The way nature has different shades, equally we human have different shades in us. We just need to know how to blend all the shades and make it look beautiful and soothing for all. It’s difficult but not impossible.